Nylon Cable Gland

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Nylon cable gland is suitable for the power supply into the line, meters, lighting lamps, LED lamps, electrical boxes and other requirements of the whole or part of the waterproof, dust proof, tensile and other requirements of the occasion. It is a kind of used for fastening wire and cable product, aiming to achieve a certain IP protection level and tensile, torsion resistance.
1. Waterproof cable connector is a safety accessory for cable, mainly in distribution box, power distribution cabinet, general mechanical control box,Switchboards, machine lights, wire and cable are used by the country, which can effectively clamp the cable and achieve waterproofing.
2. Environmentally friendly nylon is safe and secure, safer and more durable. High-strength and high-environmental nylon material, environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant, safe and reliable.
It is mainly used in power electronic control equipment, aviation communication, machine tool machinery equipment manufacturing, measurement and control technology, instrumentation manufacturing and many other industries in the mechanical control box, distribution cabinet, motor, junction box, water pump, LED lamps and other wires for cables fixing.