Cable Gland Connector

Cable Gland Connector

cable gland connector Basic information PG-11 ●Easy to install: complete with locknut and washer, cable can be inserted through directly then tighten the gland connector easily to save time Useful accessory for cable fixing, wire splices, junction boxes, machinery control boxes, distribution...

Product Details


1. Easy to install: with lock nut and washer, can be directly inserted into the cable, easy to tighten the gland connector, saving time

2. Sealing and clamping system allows wire connectors to be tightened in a circular sequence on the seal ring to provide excellent strain relief without twisting or damaging the cable

3. Simply install the cable through the liquid-tight nylon strain relief and tighten the locknut for quick installation.

4. Thread the screw into the panel for removal, including the lock nut

5. The internal ratchet has a self-locking function to prevent vibration

Basic information  


Product material: UL approved nylon PA66(Flammability UL 94V-2) for  body parts.; EPDM rubber for  washer and seal

Specification of thread: PG,M.MG

Working temperature:  -40℃ ~ +100℃    for Rubber parts. -35℃~85℃

Protection classification: Reaching the level IP68 while matching with O-shape sealing ring and    screw tightly within the specified clamp range.

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