Flameproof Cable Gland

Flameproof Cable Gland

flameproof cable gland Basic information M25*1.5 Material: nylon66, 94V-2 agree, ring from rubber, oil resistant Thread : M ,PG,MG Feature: Function: Mount gland to pre-drilled panel hole, use locknut to fix gland on board, insert the cables in the seal, and then tighten up the nut to hold...

Product Details


1. No need to install tools.

2. No threaded holes or lock nuts are required.

3. Secure with clockwise threads (hat side).

4. Install in a narrow area and no access space (lock nut side).

5. Tightly coupled to a conventional gland with threaded holes or lock nut.

6. Quickly and easily disassemble using a separate tool. The cable connector or wall is not damaged.








Cable range






























According to the core material, it can be divided into copper core power cable head and aluminum core power cable head.

According to the joint material, it is divided into plastic cable joint and metal cable joint. Metal cable joints are further divided into porous metal cable waterproof joints, anti-bending metal cable joints, double-locked metal cable waterproof joints, plastic hose cable joints, metal hose cable joints, and the like.

Main problem: the reason why the joint is hot

Some electrical installation and construction personnel often pay no attention to the installation quality when laying the wires: no casing should be used at the insulating casing; no junction box should be installed in the junction box; even the wire joint is not used Instead, use a hook-and-loop connection method that violates the rules. The contact resistance of the hook-like connection method is large, and the heat is continuously generated during the energization, which causes the nearby wooden boards to gradually dry and char, and finally burns, causing a fire.

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