Metric Cable Glands

Metric Cable Glands

Basic information
Material: nylon66, 94V-2 agree, ring from rubber, oil resistant
Thread : M ,PG,MG

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This type of cable connector is used for fixing cables and waterproof design. Special design of clamping molds and rubber parts, wide clamping range, strong tensile resistance, no damage to cables and equipment. It can be plugged directly into the cable without disassembly and then easily tightened. Suitable for mechanical control boxes, switchboards, electrical appliances, machines, etc.








Cable range











































1. Treatment of cable reaction force cone.

During the construction, the shape and the accuracy of the reaction cone are equal. The potential distribution on the whole cone surface is equal. When making the cross-linked cable reaction cone, the special cutting tool is generally used, or the micro-fire can be slightly heated, and the fast knife is used. After cutting, after basic molding, it is then scraped with 2mm thick glass, and finally sanded from coarse to fine with sandpaper until smooth.

2. Metal shielding and grounding treatment.

The role of the metal shield in the cable and the joint is mainly used to conduct the cable fault short-circuit current, and the electromagnetic interference of the shielded electromagnetic field to the adjacent communication equipment. In the operating state, the metal shield is at zero potential in a good grounding state, after the cable fails It has the ability to conduct short-circuit currents in a very short time. The grounding wire should be soldered reliably. The metal shielding and armoring tape on the cable body of the two ends of the box are firmly welded, and the grounding of the terminal head should be reliable.

3. Sealing and mechanical protection of the joint.

Sealing and mechanical protection of the joints guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the joints. Water and moisture should be prevented from infiltrating into the cable joints. In addition, joint protection grooves or cement protection boxes should be installed at the joints.

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