Self Locking Cable Ties

Self Locking Cable Ties

Model no.:chs-3*60
Type:Cable tie
Brand:CHS /OEM

Product Details


This type of cable tie is fastened, self-locking and easy to use. Widely used in electronics factories, strapping electrical internal connection lines, fixing of internal wiring of lighting, motors, electronic toys, etc., fixing of mechanical equipment oil pipelines, fixing of cable lines on ships, and packaging of other objects in bicycle packaging It can be used for the bundling of agricultural, gardening, hand-made products, etc., which can effectively improve the work efficiency of workers, reduce the production cost of enterprises, and improve market competitiveness.

Basic information

Material:Nylon 66, 94V-2 certificated by UL.Heat-resisting,Acid & erosion control,and not apt to age. 
Operating temperature:-35C to 85C. 
Color:Natural(or white, standard color),UV black and other colors are available as requested.


1. It is made of UL approved nylon new material, safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

2. The cable tie has good toughness, strong endurance, and is not easy to slip, and can be quickly bundled.

3. Strong fastness, anti-aging and long-lasting use.

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