Releasable Nylon Cable Ties

As one of the most professional releasable nylon cable ties manufacturers and suppliers in China, CHS® is obliged to provide you with customized products and cheap price. Contact our factory for free samples now and wholesale the best releasable nylon cable ties from us!
As an ideal binding material, releasable nylon cable ties brings great convenience to our daily life. It has the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation, self-locking solid, easy to use and so on.
These work like normal cable ties but you can finish the job before clipping the ends and if you change your mind about routing half way through (and we all do), you can loosen or remove the ties placed through that point without having to cut them and start over.
The built-in release mechanism means these reusable zip ties can save you lots of money in buying new ties, and eliminate the waste that arises from constantly discarding and replacing cut-off ties.
For indoor and outdoor use,like,bundle cables, wires, conducts, plants or other things in the industry of electrical & electronic, lighting, hardware, pharmaceutical, chemical, computer, machinery, agriculture, etc.