cable tie alternative use
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Cable ties in various colors

1, handcuffs

We may have seen in TV news in places like Iraq. Because the local economy is relatively backward and expensive, many soldiers use nylon straps to tie their hands when they capture the reactionaries, thus limiting their actions and freedoms. However, because the strap tie is easy to unravel, there is a method of backhand binding, which greatly increases the difficulty of breaking free.


2, belt

In the wild environment, your belt may have been used to bind other things. At this time, the pants will fall down involuntarily. We can use multiple straps to connect the head and tail as a belt.


3, road marking

When a person walks away with his best friends in the deep forest, you have a generation of nylon cable ties in your hand, especially the bright colored ties that can be tied to the branches to mark the road and provide you with instructions for friends.


4, laces

In the wild, the use of shoelaces is often used, so the shoelaces have been used as a place. At this time, we can also use the cable tie as a rope instead of shoelaces.


5, non-slip spikes

Walking on the ice in the harsh winter in the north is very easy to slip. At this time, we can use the strap to make the non-slip studs, and bundle them with the straps to get more grip to prevent slipping.


6, DIY simple spear

In the wild environment, we generally do not have a spear tool, but sometimes we need a spear to hunt rabbits and other prey in order to get food. At this time, we can fix the dagger with a cable tie to the end of the stick to make a simple spear, but we must pay attention to the tightness of the strap, and use tools such as pliers to assist the strapping.


7, simple tent

We can use the cable tie to fix the canvas and other items together, and then use the branches to make a simple tent. The use of the cable tie in the wild environment can bring a lot of convenience to life.


8, support splint

In the wild environment, there may be fractures, sprains, etc. At this time, in order to avoid secondary injury, you can use a cable tie to connect the planks to fix the injured area, taking care not to bundle too tight and cause swelling.


8, color markers

In the wild camping, we always bring a lot of things. At this time, there will be a lot of bags. At this time, we can use the straps to distinguish them. The blue straps are sealed with drinking water, red ignition items, etc. Yellow is a variety of signal devices.


9, trapping traps

We can maximize the development of the brain to make a simple trap with a cable tie. When the wild animals enter the trap, they pull the trap lead and grab it.



10. Hanging

In the wild environment, we often need to hang objects such as light bulbs on the branches, and sometimes we should hang the food to a high place to avoid animal stealing. At this time, we can use the strap to do it.


The above introduces the alternative use of cable ties in the wild environment, although these conditions are generally not used in life, but after understanding these unknown knowledge, you can bring convenience to you in many cases. The cable ties are selected from CHS, which are provided with various colors and various specifications of the cable ties. For more information about the cable ties, please pay attention to this site.