Can nylon cable ties be reused?
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The use of nylon tie band in our life can bring great convenience, not only small, not occupied, convenient to carry, and strong stability, strong binding. Sometimes, if you want to pull nylon bands with brute force, it's hard to untie nylon bands as easily as originally buttoned, so most people choose to cut nylon bands. Therefore, nylon bands are considered disposable.

Some nylon straps are indeed used only once, such as a fixed head nylon tie band and some ordinary nylon tie straps. But the same nylon band can also be used repeatedly, and whether the tie belt can be reused is mainly to see what the purpose of the nylon tie belt design is at the beginning. If there is only a disposable nylon tie band, it seems too wasteful, although it is only a small band, but repeated use will make it more valuable. So before buying, you should know how many times the nylon band can be used, such as some loose nylon ties and self locking straps.

This reusable nylon strip called self-locking ties, including the belt body, the belt body is arranged on the belt tooth buckle belt body, in front of the buckle end tooth buckle, buckle teeth in the upper end of the block, the block and the side buckle is connected sprocket device in the buckle end half. Use the nylon belt, will take on the body with teeth by using the buckle, buckle teeth to tie up the purpose, after use, if you want to use again, the buckle of the block on the end to pull up, pull up the belt body will be placed in the buckle in the end, because the other end of the buckle to fit with the belt hole, you can easily pull back to the body, so as to achieve the purpose of reuse, can be reused, effectively promote the development of environmental protection, reduce the waste after use can not be used, like traditional tie, lift the tie can only cut, which no doubt is rooted with waste, fundamentally solve the problem.