How the nylon tie is made
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Nylon is the analysis of how to make the _ process

The basic production process is: choose good raw materials, injection molding machine with mold processing plasticity. And then cook it in a professional cooking machine, in order to increase toughness.

The following is the reference of material and equipment information

Raw material adoption

Nylon strapping material is made of high quality nylon 66 as raw material, and nylon 66 is translucent or opaque milky crystalline resin.

Equipment adoption

The most basic equipment for nylon tie belt: injection molding machine, mold, cooking product boiler (depending on the circumstances).

One of the commonly used injection molding machine reference:

Category: horizontal elbow injection molding machine

Brand: Katie Wei

Model: 1600

Product Name: injection molding machine

Product uses: plastic processing

Screw diameter: 45 (mm)

Screw speed: 1800 (RPM)

Injection volume: 315 (g)

Injection pressure: 3000 (Mpa)

Theoretical injection capacity: 315 (cubic centimeter)

Motor power: 15 (kw)

Clamping force: 1600 (kN)