How to avoid the cable tie becoming yellow?
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Sometimes,netural cable ties are easy yellowed.Why does this happen?

Due to the high injection temperature during the production of nylon cable ties, too long drying or improper handling, CHS recommends that you avoid yellowing from the following aspects:

     A, suitable storage environment (temperature, humidity), generally the temperature of the place where the cable tie is stored is maintained at 23 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is greater than 50%;

     B. Use it as soon as possible after unpacking. Generally speaking, the nylon cable tie should be used within 24 hours after being disassembled. If it cannot be used within a short period of time, it should be sealed to avoid yellowing.

     C, avoid sun exposure, sun exposure can directly lead to yellowing of the cable tie and shortened life, etc. If you really need to use the cable tie under the sun exposure conditions, you can contact Huada Plastics for customization;

     D. Avoid being close to the heat source. The nylon cable tie will cause yellowing when it is baked near the heat source.