How to improve the terminal recognition level
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The rapid development of electrical industry, automation equipment has been forming, in the context of such an objective, to guarantee the terminal wire connection effect is particularly important, especially for the connection between the equipment combination, which is an important status, but how to ensure that the terminal component selection conforms to the specific use of the environment presumably, more concerned about the topic of most of the construction personnel.

Admittedly, the terminal in the electrical industry to improve the level of wire connection has advantage function which also allow all doubt, from a certain extent, into a wide variety of factors, after all, different environment and conditions, the corresponding components also exist quite different, therefore by the application scope and graphic marking system the symbol of the corresponding terminal screening of different products.

As long as the details of the understanding, will not be confused in the practical application process, after all, according to the marking system can realize the matching between the terminal and the specific wire, which is the effective measures to improve the level of recognition, judging from the actual effect of the procurement staff is more practical.