How to unlock the cable tie
- Jul 19, 2018 -

First, the wrong method introduction

Here is a detailed introduction to the method of mis-locking errors in order to let everyone take the precautions, and do not make these mistakes in the event of a cable lock in the future.

1, Cutting.We glance to see this method is unable to spit, why would someone give this method? Cutting off destroys the cable tie itself. Those who want to untie the cable tie are likely to want to use it later, so we must first negate this method;

2, rawing pull hard,.this method is the most recommended method for netizens, but everyone really go to the hard pull to get rid of it? According to Xiaobian's understanding of the performance of the cable ties, the quality of the current cable ties is very good. The result of the hard pull can only be a red stamp on the hand. It is impossible to untie the cable tie by pulling the hard raft.

3, other kinds of exotic methods such as tooth bites, fire, etc. These methods are very serious warnings not to try, the cable lock is a very small thing, but you can use these wonderful methods to cause more Big trouble.


Second, the cable tie is locked and unlocked.

Here is the correct way to unlock the cable lock. You only need one tool here - "sharp little hard", it can be a scissors tip, an ear spoon, etc. We carefully observed the cable tie product itself. There is a small "tongue" plastic part in the head of the cable tie. Its function is to let the cable tie pass and then catch it, so that it can only enter and not retreat, we use sharp objects. Press it under the small "tongue", then use the small force to open it on the net, then quickly remove the tie.


Third, the cable tie is worthy of unlocking?

The above small series made a detailed introduction to the wrong method and the correct method of how to fix the cable tie, but we have come back and think carefully about the cable lock. Is it worthwhile to solve it? The cable tie is known to be made of plastic, and the price of the cable tie product has been decreasing in recent years, and the chance of mis-locking is relatively small. The way to unlock the cable for the cable-clamping device - "small tongue" is Certainly destructive, when the clamping device is opened, the strapping force will decrease when the strap is re-used again, so we will cut off the cable that has been mistakenly locked. The cable tie is commonly used in the internal line bundling of electrical products. Everyone uses the cable tie to understand the cable tie. Once the user finds that the bundling is not loose, it will doubt the quality of the whole manufacturer, so we have a cable tie error. The best way to lock is to cut it. Cut it to maintain the high quality and high performance of the product.