prospects of cable ties
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Nylon cable ties are not yet popular, and the market share is extremely small. In order to fix or bundle things, traditional ropes and cables are commonly used.

       Traditional ropes and cable ties are usually made of polyvinyl chloride or fiber. However, after long-term wind and sun exposure, these ropes and ties will break and weather, and they will not get up. The role of fixation or strapping.

       Now nylon cable ties have occupied the entire market, because users already have the benefit of nylon cable ties.

       1. From the selection of nylon cable ties, it is made of nylon 66 which can withstand cold, temperature, acid, corrosion, aging and insulation. It is far from this material selection. Better than traditional ropes and cables. These types can be adapted to different environments and are durable.

       2. Then again, nylon straps come in a variety of styles. Self-locking, loose, label, latch and base plate. Users can choose the style they want according to their specific needs. For example, a user should be bundled together to carry some loose wires to make it convenient to carry; and in order to be able to use it multiple times, a loose nylon cable tie can be selected.

       3. Then, the user can select the nylon cable ties of different lengths according to the size and quantity of the items to be bundled, which is another advantage of the nylon cable ties.

       The above is an analysis of nylon cable ties from the user's point of view, now from the perspective of the manufacturer.

       1. From the manufacturing process, it is less than the traditional rope and cable, and it is easy to manufacture. A nylon cable tie injection molding machine can be mass produced.

       2. To produce different styles, just change the mold that you want to style.

       3. From the perspective of cost, its cost is lower than the traditional cost. Because the materials needed to make nylon cable ties are cheaper, the solid cost is not too high.

       4. The market demand is very large.

       In summary, nylon ties have a relatively stable development market and may even be a fast-growing market.