Reasons for Nylon Strip Fracture
- Oct 31, 2017 -

First, the nylon band fracture is a normal phenomenon:

Nylon 66 itself has low temperature resistance, and cold weather in winter is normal. If you want to solve this problem, you can add some low temperature resistance and good compatibility with nylon 66 raw materials. Or replace low temperature resistant better long carbon chain nylon.

Two. Fracture analysis of nylon tie tape:

Don't think that fine particles is pure material bags, a lot of two granulating modified products, will after several high temperature shear shape, molecular structure of raw material itself has changed, the performance has been reduced largely, and degradation during the oxidation. Nylon is to ensure the flexibility, water absorption of 3--8% during nylon usually, when the failure of molecular structure, no matter how other means of cooking, water are of no avail, which determines its brittleness, of course, easy to break;

Three, nylon tie tape manufacturers process:

The relationship between the injection molding process is also very important for forming the convenience and simplicity of operation, by increasing the barrel temperature, injection speed injection time, etc., will also make the tie body quality problems, details can be tied with anatomical magnification, some are internal hole filling, etc.. The nylon raw material itself has many kinds of systems, chooses the suitable flexible system, such as single, 6 and so on to use; the injection molding process must strictly limit the optimization; avoids to the raw material over processing damage. Generally speaking, it is a detailed and targeted improvement from raw materials and injection molding process.

Cause analysis four,

Depends on the specific circumstances. If is the small size of the nylon tie, it is easy to break in use too hard; if the 2.4MM (width) above it is easy to break the bar there is a problem with the quality (some with feed back to do, the new material do not generally); there is in low temperature and dry dry use where ordinary tie break easily (because the band more brittle, water loss is faster), then buy will have to use the manufacturer and the choice of environment tie better toughness