The features of high quality cable ties
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Quality tie can be judged by the following points:

    1, buckle, we can use the buckle to see the quality of the cable tie, the general quality cable tie its buckle is relatively thick, strong bite ability and the card does not trip (the inferior buckle is very Thin is prone to tripping);

    2, gears, nylon cable ties gears on the quality of the impact is very obvious, high-quality cable ties gears clear, strong toughness can ensure that slipping and falling off after the jam is not easy (inferior gears are easy to fall off);

    3, materials, Huada Plastics insist on the use of high-quality nylon new materials for production, and some small manufacturers in order to reduce production costs may use second-hand waste to produce cable ties for sale, and high-quality cable ties look white and translucent in appearance (inferior color is gray);

    4, pull, we choose to tie the cable and hope that its pulling force is larger (not so easy to break), here I suggest that you can roughly compare the tension of the tie or use a professional tensile test instrument for testing;

    5, anti-aging, high-quality cable ties should have strong anti-aging ability to use a variety of harsh environments (and poor quality anti-aging ability is poor, use a period of time is broken);