The use of plastic ties
- Oct 31, 2017 -

To use the plastic band I believe we all know, use method is very simple, probably because of using the method is very simple to make everyone think it did not need to pay attention to what, in fact, is certainly not the case, although the plastic band use method is very simple, but very much attention still in use, then we will talk about plastic band in the use of some aspects need to pay attention to.

The first is about the plastic tape storage problem, there is no strict requirements on the storage problem, generally we put the plastic in the place where there is no direct sunlight can be stored. If we purchase private plastic ribbon was milky white, and then stored in the home for a period of time after the color change, this is not a storage problem, because may buy plastic ribbon using the new material to make the product, so the storage time will cause a color change. This does not affect the use at all and has no effect on the performance of the product.

There is also a situation that will change the color of the plastic band, that is, the plastic band used in a higher temperature environment, which will make the color of the tie slowly change. Huada plastic band of high temperature have done much study, it has high temperature resistance and good performance, although there is such a performance, but also to choose a safe and little temperature change environment, although Hua Dazha has the properties of high temperature resistant, but we are still not recommended in high temperature under long-term use.

The Huada plastic ribbon material used is very high quality nylon 66 material, because this material itself has very good cold resistance so if you are using the Huada plastic band can not worry about the winter outdoor or other cold regions, other plastic band if we can go look at the raw materials in consideration.

There is a plastic band use of objects, is used to tie binding objects, we are tying to consider to bound the size and nature of the object and so on, some material is not suitable for bar bring packing, will damage the wrapped object or have a certain influence on the band performance.

There is a digression Huada plastic box to remind you, is because of the Huada plastic ribbon is made of nylon 66 material, if it is burning will produce harmful gases, so we should pay attention to the plastic tie seat belt use, although it has appeared not dangerous burning.

The use of plastic ribbon is simple but also has very big issues that require your attention, summarize what is can not be used in some special circumstances, it is recommended not to low temperature or long-term use of high temperature environment, and then the plastic band storage also need to pay attention to the environment.

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