​Things to be aware of when handling plastic cable ties
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Things to be aware of when handling plastic cable ties.

     1. Do not open the plastic cable ties before use. Because of its plastic hygroscopicity, after opening in a humid environment, try to use up within 12 hours or re-run the unused plastic cable ties. Packing to prevent the tensile strength and rigidity of the product from being affected during operation.

     2. It is necessary to use the tensioning force during the operation, and never exceed its own tensile strength.

     3. The diameter of the object to be bundled is smaller than the diameter of the plastic cable tie. Otherwise, it is not convenient to operate or the binding may not be tightened. After the tightening, the remaining length of the belt cannot be less than 100MM.

     4. The surface of the bundled object cannot have sharp corners

     5. The use of plastic cable ties can be done by hand using manual means, or it can be tightened and cut with a cable tie gun. It should be noted that the strength of the cable tie gun should be adjusted when using the cable tie gun. The specific situation should be to understand the size, width, and thickness to determine the strength of the cable tie gun.