What elements should a good terminal have?
- Oct 31, 2017 -

At present, the current circuit board technology improved the terminal panel installed on the bearing can be improved a lot, has exceeded the limit of 110A, far more than the previous product level, terminal quality is directly related to the fundamental interests of the connector manufacturers. We understand that the effect of terminal quality factors mainly has three aspects: terminal design, terminal and terminal material processing technology, the terminal customers in the selection must pay attention to distinguish carefully:

The first is to look at the appearance: good terminal product is like a piece of handicraft looks for the cool feeling; a lot of terminal companies think it and on the affinity of the user in the product appearance have played an important role.  Terminals must be installed on site, because they are often installed at the front of the panels that are easy to see, so marketers often wish to have a say in the appearance of the wiring terminals.

The second terminal is better to use: insulation material flame retardant engineering plastics, conductive material with the copper must not use the iron; terminal plastic insulating material and conductive parts is directly related to the terminal quality, which determines the insulation function and conductive terminal function. Any failure of a terminal will lead to failure of the whole system engineering.

The most pivotal is the processing of the terminal thread, thread processing is not good, the torque does not meet the standard, it will lose the role of connecting wire. The thread refers to the thread on the instrument terminal, so as to connect with the field connection, such as the industrial field of some two wire transmitter, commonly used wiring cable fixed connector thread specification.

Terminal design, material selection and processing technique are three core factors in the terminal quality, a prerequisite also correctly handle design, material selection and processing terminal is the terminal manufacturers, the market.