What is the benefit of nylon ties for your life?
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Do you know what time the nylon tape, do you know what is the nylon nylon strip used what materials so firmly never pull bad? It is made of international standard material Nylon 66, which is very high in fire resistance and will not be easily damaged even in high temperature. Its dust, acid, alkali, anti-aging characteristics make his performance more stable and less susceptible to environmental impact. Nylon has brought convenience to our life with beyond count, it make the package more beautiful, clear and firm, not easy to be broken, tensile force.

Nylon tie belt has the advantages of high yield and high quality, and it is a rare high efficiency gospel in the packaging industry. Not only do people trust their performance, and they are not prone to problems, and they have a strong and reliable advantage, and they are making more and more industries choose nylon bands. Different from stainless steel band, nylon tie band is lower cost, suitable for more different fields. Due to the low cost of nylon tie belt production is very large, but also led to a series of nylon strip casting plastic mold appear. And because of the demand of adults also in the reform of the nylon belt manufacturing technology, from the beginning of the cold runner mold to today's hot runner mold also has a qualitative change.

The nylon band can be used quickly and easily, and the operators can complete the packaging with a single stamp. This lightweight way saves time and labor costs for people's packaging process, and brings more economic benefits to people. Nylon cable tie today's market prospects are so more nylon manufacturers get greater benefits, with the sale of the manufacturers in the development of open up online and offline, but also out of a new road to broaden the sales channels of innovation.