Cable Clip Production Process
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The cable clip is a kind of TESHU flame retardant material with excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It is made of special process and consists of two parts: upper and lower parts. The latest cable clamp is a special clamp used to fix the cable after cable laying and installation, to make the cable occupy the right position, and to prevent cable from moving due to external force or deadweight! Through the cable clamp to ensure that the laying of the cable arrangement is neat, no cross array phenomenon, but also to prevent eddy current losses. 

The products have been widely used in building low voltage cable, multi core pre branch cables, high voltage cable, mine cable, wind power cables, single cable fixed safety and building branch cable, flame retardant cables, fireproof cables, cable tunnel, mine cable, wind power cables, power transmission and distribution of high voltage cable and wiring fixation. Cable clamp can be used instead of cable tray.