Nylon Cable Storage Conditions
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Nylon tie is a kind of things that bind things, instead of traditional ropes, it is a product of modern science and technology. Below we understand the nylon nylon belt transport and storage tips.

Nylon tie tape is made of high quality nylon 66 raw material. Nylon material is characterized by moisture absorption and easy release of moisture, so the nylon tie band who need to deal with and seal in plastic bags, so that the quality of the most appropriate condition. Therefore, it is very important to preserve the sealing band. Nylon tie tape is made of nylon 66 (Nylon 66) material approved by UL, which is made of injection molding technology. The fireproof grade is 94V-2. It has good acid resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation property, aging resistance and strong endurance. The ordinary operating temperature is from -30 to +80 (different grade nylon 66 has different properties, applicable temperature range varies).

The ideal environment for preserving nylon bands is that the temperature is about 23 degrees centigrade, the humidity is above 50%, and the strips are close to the heat sources, such as heaters, heaters and so on. Do not expose the band directly to the sun or not, and recommend the use of weatherproof strapping. Please don't use it before you use it. Once it is open, please use it as soon as possible. If you fail to run out of the number of packages in a short time, please be sure to pack the packets.

The material of high temperature resistant nylon band contains organic copper. After being placed for a period of time, the color of the nylon band changes, and it will become yellowish, which is a natural phenomenon, and does not affect the intrinsic quality of the product.

Nylon is not more white is better, the quality of nylon belt is a little skill, a little yellowish color, the color looks white nylon is usually added whitening agent, its intrinsic quality is relatively poor.

Nylon tie band is now ubiquitous in our life, heat resistance, stability is its remarkable characteristics, is now indispensable in industry, a wide range of applications.