One Of The Methods Of Screening Nylon Tie
- Oct 31, 2017 -

First: the appearance quality of nylon tie tape

Where is the key of nylon toothed belt and the head part and the body cavity, the nylon tape without residual tooth, skin feels smooth, rounded, especially automatic tie machine professional nylon tie, need more quality appearance and internal tensile strength and take the lead, with the body the strength, otherwise unable to meet the requirements of automatic. A good nylon band should be clear and transparent, with a slight yellow color, and can not be muddy and black. Good material is a key quality.

Second points: performance quality of nylon tie tape

The most important evaluation of nylon tie band is 1, tensile force, tensile force is divided into tensile strength and tensile strength. The tension test is nylon tongue, the belt body, applied to a certain intensity, whether it is to take off or reverse gear, head cracking, fracture how must be in the nominal value of the tension above, the tensile strength test is the nylon stiffness, the tensile strength standard value under the provisions of the above standard, can to ensure the firmness of the tie. 2, flexibility of the product, product flexibility is generally inversely proportional to tensile strength.  How to ensure the tensile strength is up to standard and the flexibility of the product is up to standard, which is an important index to test the quality tie tape. The flexibility of nylon tie tape is folded at 180 degrees at room temperature for 10 times without cracking. The ordinary nylon band (within 85 degrees of temperature) bake for 24 hours after folding without cracks qualified. High temperature nylon band (at 130 degrees) bake for 24 hours after folding without cracks qualified. Of course, the above check is completed by test can, usually high quality nylon tape can also be recognized by the hand: good quality tie is good flexibility, excellent ductility, feels smooth, strong, arbitrary local fold 180 degrees more than 10 times without cracks.

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