Quality Judgment Of Nylon Cable Ties
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Then the nylon belt is the product of economic field, necessity is the rapid development of economy, has been widely used in various fields of modern production vigorously, covering almost all areas in recent years, major businesses compete for the nylon market, but due to technical and quality be quite different on the market has also led to full the uneven in quality products. So how to identify the pros and cons of nylon tie? Here we introduce some of the reference knowledge, help users to buy more value for nylon band products.

The first is the quality of the nylon band, which we can easily identify with the naked eye. No matter how good the craft of plastic products, there will be a lot of flaws, this is unavoidable, such as a lack of material, have appeared anxious, silver and bubble, and the shrinkage deformation of the product etc.. But good technology can reduce this to the lowest level. Nylon is plastic, so adverse factors have emerged, although this flaw in the use of the time not any questions, but the potential threat will inevitably have some potential induced by the quality accident.

The quality of the toothed belt portion and a head cavity is the key parts of nylon belt, so the tooth belt requires careful observation, under normal circumstances, the residual tooth phenomenon cannot occur here, and the inner surface of the top part of the cavity should be stepped die off mark, otherwise there will be a large number of slip tooth can not be used, with the difficult situation and finally lead to a waste can not be used.

In addition, even a simple island edge phenomenon also cannot let down, if the island is too large will appear with side back belt part of tooth surface and head teeth don't fit easily slip teeth loose tight situation. Nylon tie with an axiom, that is, in addition to the necessary special requirements, the quality of the product is the best quality.