Terminals Use Advantages
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The PCB terminal is the connector used for welding on the circuit board, and the function is to conduct the current between the circuit board and the external wire. At the beginning, the terminals were not yet popularized,

The conductor is intertwined with each other to realize the current conduction, which is complicated, dangerous and easy to cause the wire loose, so it is inconvenient for the use of electrical equipment.

There is a very different wiring terminal, we illustrate with examples below.

A company manufacturing a product, as shown in the figure, the circuit board is small, each plate in the patch after welding a crystal, and then welding the five wire, five wire is wrapped in a thick line. As shown in the picture,

In production, the five wire welding, follow-up and QC examination, winding (thick line is 2 meters to 3 meters in length, need to be wrapped up, power line of our daily buy appliance inside with it)

Install PCB shell - Test performance - packaging and other processes.

Because the process of wire welding is more, the length of wire is long, so the PCB plate or wire often turns in the process of moving, which causes the solder joint to break, and the length of time occurs in one of the five lines

Root or two from the welding off phenomenon. This makes the product bad rate rise sharply, seriously troubled operators.  Solution the company employees think: <br / >

1. each line is stored separately after welding. Don't stack it together. This method is unrealistic, tens of thousands of lines can not be stored separately, the cost is also high.

2. after welding, it is packed in plastic bags. This is not realistic, so will take up a lot of artificial time, follow-up is not easy to operate.

3. yellow glue at the welding point. Because the welding is on the edge of the circuit board, the glue can not be fixed.

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This is because the processing products, welding circuit board hole position cannot be changed, it rejected the possibility of changing the structure of the circuit board. So the three solutions are missing

To this end, Yue electric </a></strong> recommends the use of five bit plug-in terminal - the same distance LZ1 socket welded into the circuit board, and then insert the wire into the LC1 plug inside, tighten the screw plug,

Then the plug and socket butt joint can be completed.  Compared with the connection method shown in the diagram, the use of terminals has many advantages:

Plug and socket 1. terminal connection, will not cause the wire broken and broken wire solder joint problems;

2. only need to socket welding, eliminating the 25 small wire welding time;

3. wiring terminal structure is diverse, welding needle angle also has a variety of options, can be selected according to the actual location and angle, even at the edge of the circuit board can also be safely connected.