The Use And Nature Of Nylon Cable Ties
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Nylon has some particularity, is a thin wall with a non-return function, can only be more and more tightly fixed good, with lashing fast, good insulation, long service time has a certain wear resistance, but also has a self-locking fastening function, compared with some traditional rope nylon belt, use method is simple and convenient transportation, is relatively easy to carry. No shortage is a good helper for strapping. Gradually recognized by some businesses.

In addition, nylon tie tape can prevent the acid and alkali corrosion, good insulation, not easy to aging, but also can withstand the pressure from the outside world. It has good fire prevention effect, can also be reused, and will not appear some fracture phenomenon, and will not because of transportation or use of the process of some unnecessary trouble.

The general operating temperature of it in twenty degrees below zero to eighty degrees above zero, the home of some of the more recognized UL plastic materials caused, therefore, do not worry that it will change over time and corrosion, some mistakes. It has been recognized by some enterprises, widely used for tying some TV or computer internal connection, like some lighting or like motor and toys, it is widely used in some of the internal fixation of the line of some electronic products. Even some large car manufacturers will use nylon ties to fix some of the lines in the car. It has been widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and handicrafts.