The Use Of Nylon Cable Ties And The Choice Of Production Materials
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Material: made of nylon PA66 material approved by UL, fireproof grade 94V-2, acid resistance, alkali resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, good insulation, durability is not easy to aging.

As a general purpose: 1. wire and 2. items for ligation is widely used in internal, connection line and bundling TV computer cables, household appliances, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products in the fixed line, mechanical equipment of oil pipeline is fixed, fixed cable lines on the ship, bicycle or vehicle packing bundling other objects, too can be used for agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and other bundled items. The product has the characteristics of fast binding, self-locking, solid and easy to use.

Operating temperature: can be used at minus 20 degrees to 85 degrees of ambient temperature

Color, standard color is white, in addition to anti ultraviolet black, other colors are welcome to order.