Electrical Trunking

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Cable trunking is an enclosure usually with a rectangular cross section, and with one removable or hinged side, that is used to protect cables and provide space for other electrical equipment.
It is a hollow enclosure through which cables can be run to keep them protected and organised, with a removable or hinged side allowing quick and convenient access for routine inspections or wire changes.
It also known as wire slot, wiring slot, line slot (depending on the location), used to power lines, data lines and other wire specification arrangement, fixed on the wall or ceiling electrical appliances.
Common types:
insulation wiring duct, through type wiring slot, miniature wiring slot, separated type wiring slot, indoor decoration wiring slot, one-piece insulation wiring duct, telephone wiring, Japanese telephone wiring, open wire wiring slot, circular wiring duct, the exhibition with clapboard wiring slot, circular floor wiring slot, soft circular floor wiring, cover type wiring and so on, the user can choose according to decorate need suitable wire slot.