Self Adhesive Trunking

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Self-adhesive trunking, heavy gauge plastic material used to protect electrical wiring routes. Can be cut to length.
1. Durable, low smoke and low gas, high impact resistance, acidity, etc.
2. High oxygen value, good flame resistance and self-extinguishing.
3. The surface is smooth, light insulating medium, environmentally friendly and beautiful.
4. You can print the logo or brand name as needed, and even tape the surface.
5. Size, appearance color, tube thickness optional, the price depends on the thickness and quantity.
6.Good insulation performance, high resistance to current puncture, and resistance to 25kv voltage.
7.Strong impact resistance, can be buried in concrete, resist compression and shock
8.Good fire resistance: when it is in a fire, it can be extinguished by itself and does not support combustion.
9. Corrosion resistance: pvc molding wire trough can resist acid, alkali and salt, ensuring lower maintenance cost and longer service life.